Copywriting Services, SEO Copywriting and Much More

Whether you need SEO copywriting, copywriting services for print materials, social media writing or branding and marketing consultation, I can provide you with the creative skills and strategic thinking you need. I'll always craft my services around your key message for marketing that holds true to your branding, vision and strategy.



Copywriting Services 


  • Web copywriting
  • SEO copywriting
  • Keyword research
  • Social media writing
  • Brochure copywriting
  • Direct mail copywriting
  • Website content analysis
  • Email campaigns
  • Newsletters and e-newsletters
  • Annual reports
  • Ad copywriting
  • Press releases
  • Feature articles
  • Catalog copywriting
  • A/V and online demo scripts
  • Case studies
  • Creative briefs
  • Project management
  • Employee communications
  • Marketing and business plans
  • Branding and strategic consulting
  • Product, capabilities and educational guides



A Freelance Copywriter that's Done it All


"Have you done...?"


It’s a question I’ve heard often. In most cases, the answer is “yes,” I’ve done it… or something very similar.

For nearly twenty years, I’ve provided virtually every type of marketing and communications writing to satisfied clients in a wide variety of industries.

Copywriting Services & Web Copywriting
Successful marketing projects feature great writing aligned with your messaging and brand. It all stems from asking the right questions, doing the research and agonizing over every word (actually, I love it). From websites to brochures to ads to direct mail, I’ll provide crisp, focused writing and content and team with your in-house creative services department, freelance designer or agency to get the best results. For marketing communication projects or social media blogging where the written word takes center stage, I've got solid writing, interviewing, research and journalism skills, evidenced by over 500 articles and four books published.

SEO Copywriting & Keyword Research
Are you getting results from your online marketing investments? I provide SEO services to help increase your online hits. From title tags to keyword frequency to content relevancy, I can provide the right balance of words that search spiders love to find. And I use statistical scorecarding and real-time keyword research tools that get results. Most importantly, I execute SEO from the perspective of how the prospect searches for and experiences your site, which can greatly increase your conversion rate.

Marketing & Branding Strategy
Many agencies use my strategic skills to help clients create a high-impact brand or marketing strategy for their clients. Whether you need some creative ideas for an ad, branding consulting, a marketing plan for a new subsidiary or start-up venture, or a strategy that your sales force can really sink their teeth into, I’ve provided all that and more for many household names. Many clients appreciate the fact that I can be more than just a copywriter on a project, but part of a creative team that comes up with an effective marketing strategy and great ideas.

Project Management
With over a decade of project management for some of the nation’s largest, most recognized brand names in both B2B and consumer, I can help you manage all phases of that crucial project. I’ll work with your designer, agency, web host and printer to keep your project moving and on budget.